How does the con­sul­ta­tion pro­cess work?
Know your fer­ti­lity
Do you ac­tually know your AMH level
or have you al­ready had a sper­mio­gram?
We work hand in hand with the lar­gest
la­bo­ra­tory chain in Ger­many and you can ea­sily
test your hor­mone le­vels. With our at-home test for men, it’s even ea­sier.
First con­sul­ta­tion
at Fer­tilly
We pro­vide in­di­vi­dual con­su­la­tions, be­cause the de­sire to have children is al­ways a per­sonal issue. There are ab­so­lutely no costs for the con­sul­ta­tion.
Clinic selec­tion
We help you find the right
fer­ti­lity centre for you –
we­ther that be in Ger­many
or throughout Eu­rope.
Di­gital ana­mnesis
With our new pa­tient portal,
we have di­gi­ta­lised your ana­mnesis.
This saves you an enor­mous amount
of time and ef­fort.
Easy ap­point­ment
In our selected partner cli­nics we have an ex­clu­sive ap­point­ment con­tin­gent for our pa­ti­ents*.
We are al­ways
here for you!
We know how stressful and chal­len­ging fer­ti­lity tre­at­ment can be and are here for you throughout the en­tire fer­ti­lity journey.
wha­tever your goal is
  • Market leader

    We are the lar­gest pa­­tient-ori­ented plat­form for in­fer­ti­lity coun­se­ling in Eu­rope and have al­ready ac­com­pa­nied more than 1,000 women and cou­ples on their path to a de­sired child.

  • Ex­pert team

    Our spe­cially trained pa­tient ad­vi­sors are al­ways at your side. With their ex­pe­ri­ence from nu­me­rous in­ter­views, they can an­swer all your ques­tions about wan­ting a child.

  • Partner cli­nics

    Our partner cli­nics are selected for you on the basis of the ser­vices they offer, their price-per­­for­­mance ratio and pa­tient feed­back.

  • Eu­rope

    We are ac­tive throughout Eu­rope and in­form you about the dif­fe­rent le­gis­la­tions and tre­at­ment op­tions.


“I found the ex­change with the com­pe­tent fer­tilly staff very plea­sant.
I was then also re­com­mended the clinic that was right for me,
I was very sa­tis­fied!”

Pa­tricia & Oliver
Tre­at­ment in Berlin, Au­gust 12, 2021

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