Fer­ti­lity tre­at­ment in Bremen

All in­for­ma­tion about fer­ti­lity cen­ters in Bremen

The fol­lo­wing tre­at­ments are of­fered by the Fer­ti­lity Center:

Na­tural cycle in­se­mi­na­tion

In this fer­ti­lity tre­at­ment, the wo­man’s cycle is clo­sely mo­ni­tored to pre­dict the time of ovu­la­tion. By avo­i­ding hor­mone pre­pa­ra­tions, this form of as­sisted re­pro­duc­tion is par­ti­cu­larly gentle. Ho­wever, it is only ad­vi­sable if the woman has a re­gular cycle.

In­se­mi­na­tion with hor­mone ad­mi­nis­tra­tion

In most cases, the doc­tors at the Fer­ti­lity Center in Bremen re­com­mend in­se­mi­na­tion with hor­mone sti­mu­la­tion. The ad­van­tage is that the time of ovu­la­tion is exactly pre­dicted or trig­gered under hor­mone ad­mi­nis­tra­tion. The­r­e­fore, there is no risk of missing the time of ovu­la­tion.


In IVF tre­at­ment, women with an unful­filled de­sire to have children take hor­mones to trigger ovu­la­tion at a spe­cific time. Under brief an­es­thesia, the eggs are re­trieved and placed in a petri dish along with the man’s sperm. The egg and sperm then find their way tog­e­ther in­de­pendently and wi­t­hout ex­ternal in­fluence.


ICSI tre­at­ment in­iti­ally pro­ceeds in the same way as IVF tre­at­ment, the dif­fe­rence being that the sperm cells are in­serted into the egg in the la­bo­ra­tory using a spe­cial in­jec­tion needle. This pro­ce­dure is mostly used in case of in­suf­fi­cient sperm qua­lity.

Pa­ti­ents may also opt for sperm do­na­tion, this may be ne­ces­sary for les­bian cou­ples wan­ting to fulfil their de­sire to have a child, or he­te­ro­se­xual cou­ples where the sperm qua­lity of the man is not suf­fi­cient for suc­cessful fer­ti­lity tre­at­ment. Fer­ti­lity cli­nics often co­ope­rate with other sperm banks from Ger­many and ab­road.


What does your fer­ti­lity tre­at­ment in Bremen cost?

The cost of fer­ti­lity tre­at­ment is de­pen­dent on va­rious fac­tors. The first of which is the choice of tre­at­ment me­thod, for ex­ample, the cost of in­se­mi­na­tion is much lower than the cost of IVF and ICSI. The cost of in­se­mi­na­tion for cou­ples with he­alth insu­rance can vary bet­ween 400 and 800 euros. Whilst, ICSI is the most ex­pen­sive me­thod of as­sisted re­pro­duc­tion and tog­e­ther with the ne­ces­sary me­di­ca­tion, cou­ples can ex­pect costs of up to 6000 euros.

Sup­port for the de­sire to have children in Bremen

Is there any sup­port for the de­sire to have children in Bremen?

In No­vember 2021, the Bremen Se­nate ex­panded sup­port for cou­ples with an unful­filled de­sire to have children. While na­ti­on­wide only mar­ried and he­te­ro­se­xual cou­ples can seek state-funded sup­port to fulfil their de­sire to have a child, Bremen now also sup­ports un­mar­ried and same-sex cou­ples. This pio­nee­ring role Bremen are playing will pro­vide con­siderable re­lief for in­vol­un­t­a­rily child­less cou­ples. To date, most he­alth insu­rance com­pa­nies co­vered a ma­ximum of 50% of the tre­at­ment costs for up to three IVF cy­cles. A total of 80,000 euros is available to the state of Bremen as ad­di­tional fun­ding. The sub­sidy co­vers 50% of the co-pay­ment that cou­ples have to make. Ho­wever, cer­tain pre­re­qui­sites for the sub­sidy need to be met, these being: a cer­ti­fied pro­s­pect of suc­cess of the fer­ti­lity tre­at­ment and a me­dical de­ter­mi­na­tion of in­fer­ti­lity


What are im­portant cri­teria when choo­sing a fer­ti­lity centre?

In order to fulfil your de­sire to have a child, you should choose a fer­ti­lity clinic that meets your spe­cific re­qui­re­ments and im­portantly where you feel com­for­table. When choo­sing a clinic, there are a number of aspects to con­sider to en­sure that the the­rapy goes as smoothly as pos­sible. The suc­cess of a the­rapy de­pends on va­rious fac­tors. Both the ex­pe­ri­ence and qua­li­fi­ca­tions of the me­dical team and the tech­no­lo­gical status of the la­bo­ra­tory equip­ment (for ex­ample, whe­ther the clinic has a clean room la­bo­ra­tory) can have an im­pact on the suc­cess rate.

In ad­di­tion to the suc­cess rate, there are other is­sues that can be de­cisive in the sel­ec­tion pro­cess. Good coun­sel­ling on the choice of the­rapy, as well as per­sonal care and the avai­la­bi­lity of the doctor can help re­duce per­sonal con­cerns and en­sure no ques­tions go un­ans­wered. To in­stil per­sonal con­fi­dence in the pro­cess, hea­ring the ex­pe­ri­ences of pre­vious pa­ti­ents can also give an in­di­ca­tion of the qua­lity or short­co­mings of a prac­tice.

An­o­ther aspect to con­sider are the costs. To avoid sur­prises, fer­ti­lity cen­ters that main­tain a high de­gree of price trans­pa­rency are re­com­mended. In the case of tre­at­ments with donor sperm, it is re­com­mended that there is a co­ope­ra­tion bet­ween cli­nics and an ex­pe­ri­enced sperm bank, as they often offer a larger sel­ec­tion of donor pro­files and have many years of ex­pe­ri­ence in the field of sperm do­na­tion.

Du­ring our partner clinic sel­ec­tion pro­cess, we en­sure that both he­te­ro­se­xual and ho­mo­se­xual cou­ples as well as single women are treated in the re­spec­tive cli­nics.
Are you strugg­ling to find a fer­ti­lity centre that is right for you or do you have ques­tions about available the­ra­pies and tre­at­ment me­thods? Our fri­endly team are happy to as­sist and answer any ques­tions you might have in a free con­sul­ta­tion.


At Fertilly, we have made it our mission to accompany couples (homosexual and heterosexual) and singles on the way to fulfilling their desire to have a child. It is important to us to create transparency in the area of family planning and to inform you about success rates and prices.

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