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TCM and the de­sire to have children

Dr Nina Roy is a ge­neral prac­ti­tioner spe­cia­li­sing in TCM and na­tur­opathy. In her pri­vate prac­tice in Düs­sel­dorf, she treats people dealing with ex­haus­tion, all­er­gies or sleep dis­or­ders on a daily basis. In this in­ter­view, she tells us how the an­cient know­ledge of TCM can help us in our hectic world and why it is espe­ci­ally im­portant for people who want to have children to re­co­g­nise their own body as a mi­racle.

Dear Nina, why is the “an­cient know­ledge” of Tra­di­tional Chi­nese Me­di­cine so va­luable in our fast-paced, hectic world?

“TCM is guided by the na­tural laws of the uni­verse, which in turn are un­im­pressed by our fast-paced daily life. This ap­plies, for ex­ample, to the course of the day and the sea­sons.

And bet­ween the in­di­vi­dual cir­cum­s­tances of a person and the con­di­tions of na­ture, TCM me­diates the pos­si­bi­li­ties of he­alth, pre­ven­tion of di­se­ases as well as cu­ra­tive pro­ce­dures. An upset sto­mach in a stressed of­fice worker with little time for coo­king, emo­tional pres­sure and an urban en­vi­ron­ment most li­kely has dif­fe­rent causes than in a person in the coun­try­side with a na­ture-lo­ving and phy­si­cally de­man­ding life­style.

TCM does ju­s­tice to pre­cisely such dif­fe­rences in life­style. In ad­di­tion to age and phy­sical shape of a person, it also takes into ac­count all life cir­cum­s­tances such as cli­mate and so­cial fac­tors of the person. In order to take into ac­count all of those fac­tors, time is needed. TCM doc­tors usually take this time for their pa­ti­ents. This is very plea­sant and unu­sual for most of them. Here they are al­lowed to tell ever­y­thing that is on their mind. I per­so­nally de­vote a whole hour to most pa­ti­ents at every visit.”

Dr. Roy - Fertilly

Your fields of ac­ti­vity are acu­p­unc­ture and working with herbs. In ad­di­tion you offer nut­ri­tional coun­sel­ling. Your pa­ti­ents cer­tainly deal with their lives more com­pre­hen­si­vely than simply swal­lo­wing a ta­blet 3 times a day. To what extent does your work also pre­sup­pose self-re­spon­si­bi­lity for one’s own body, an ac­tive in­vol­vement?

“If so­meone is re­ally in­te­rested in con­sciously be­co­ming he­alt­hier, the com­pre­hen­sive con­side­ra­tion of body, mind and soul is in­dis­pensable. And that is why this ac­tually is a pre­re­qui­site for working with me. Not be­cause I don’t feel like ta­king work off peo­p­le’s shoulders. But be­cause I am con­vinced that true he­alth comes from wi­thin. I like to sup­port this with ever­y­thing I can. Also with phy­sical tre­at­ments. Above all with ques­tions to find out what the real blockages of the en­ergy flow can be. But no one can simply hand over re­spon­si­bi­lity for their he­alth. Un­fort­u­na­tely, few people learn this. Some are shaken awake by strokes of fate, se­rious ill­nesses or losses. This may sound harsh, but this op­por­tu­nity is not the worst. It often re­quires a fun­da­mental ques­tio­ning of one’s own va­lues. And quite a few people say to me “he­alth is my grea­test asset”.

The areas of life that re­quire rethin­king and real ch­ange are mostly si­milar in ge­neral. But what the in­di­vi­dual needs to ch­ange spe­ci­fi­cally is a matter of type. Some need more exer­cise, others less. A ch­ange in diet can also be fun and is not a hard, li­felong fun-free diet. Ra­ther, it is a matter of sense, mo­de­ra­tion and body awa­re­ness.

The topic of re­la­xa­tion is also al­most al­ways one. Be­cause “couch and Net­flix” is not what I mean by that. But neither does per­ma­nent me­di­ta­tion wi­t­hout any spon­ta­n­eity. For me, it’s about a fun­da­mental cle­an­sing for body and soul. It’s not about blindly fol­lo­wing every he­alth trend, but fin­ding out more and more in­de­pendently what re­ally does you good in the long run.”

Many cou­ples, but espe­ci­ally women, have pro­blems get­ting pregnant. Can TCM help?

“Yes, TCM can help and does help many al­ready. Ho­wever, ide­ally, it should be pre­ven­tive. In TCM, this means that cou­ples should prepare for pregnancy for one to two years. Be­cause in TCM it is quite clear that if the par­ents have a he­althy con­sti­tu­tion, there is a good chance that the child will also be strong and he­althy. In the end, this be­ne­fits ever­yone. 

The pro­blems in the field of gy­nae­co­logy are ma­ni­fold. In Ger­many, pain du­ring mens­trua­tion, is con­sidered “normal”. Ho­wever, from the point of view of TCM, it is ac­tually not.

The topic of in­fer­ti­lity is also dealt with in TCM. The causes are dif­fe­rent and they show sym­pto­ma­ti­cally them­selves in the ab­sence of mens­trua­tion, pain, ir­re­gular cy­cles, en­do­me­triosis and other gy­nae­co­lo­gical pro­blems. In men, too, there are causes for a cou­ple’s in­vol­un­tary child­less­ness. Sym­ptoms in­clude ex­haus­tion and we­ak­ness, low sperm count, pre­ma­ture eja­cu­la­tions, in­flamm­a­tion.

This is ac­com­pa­nied by many emo­tional is­sues for the couple and the in­di­vi­dual. Ine­vi­tably, fears, one’s own we­ak­ne­sses and strengths as well as self-doubt and needs such as se­cu­rity and con­trol come to light in this si­tua­tion.”

For ex­ample, after trai­ning, stu­dying and working, many women are used to being suc­cessful and in­de­pen­dent. But un­con­sciously in­he­rited pat­terns of “how women should be” are com­plex. When a woman wants to have children, ques­tions arise about how to cope with “all that”: a child, the re­spon­si­bi­lity, one’s own life­style and the idea of part­ner­ship and fa­mily …

“All the ans­wers to these ques­tions are to­tally in­di­vi­dual. And when one’s own va­lues no longer match one’s life­style, things get dif­fi­cult. This can cause stress, which in turn is un­fa­vourable for get­ting pregnant.

What me­thods are used to po­si­tively in­fluence the fer­ti­lity of men and women?

“Acu­p­unc­ture, cup­ping, gua sha, herbs and me­di­cinal mush­rooms are used, as well as con­sti­tu­tio­nally ad­apted die­tary tips. In ad­di­tion, I often ad­vise me­di­ta­tion or other re­la­xa­tion me­thods to calm the mind and body.”

What is the spe­cific si­tua­tion du­ring IVF or ICSI tre­at­ment? Can TCM be used as a sup­port?

“All TCM me­thods can be used as a sup­port after an in­di­vi­dual ana­mnesis, yes!”

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Can you share a suc­cess story with us?

“Yes, one of my fa­vou­rite suc­cessful pregnan­cies came true when I treated a woman in her early 30s who had been trying un­suc­cessfully to get pregnant for about a year. With die­tary tips, re­gular acu­p­unc­ture and me­di­ta­tion, she an­nounced to me after five months that it had worked. She took no hor­mones, there were no ar­ti­fi­cial in­se­mi­na­tion at­tempts. Re­la­tively simple, and the­r­e­fore so in­spi­ring!

With just a few ses­sions, she found her inner peace and had con­fi­dence in her body again. I es­sen­ti­ally put this down to the fact that she was able to get pregnant so soon.”

TCM - Fertilly

An unful­filled de­sire to have children is ac­com­pa­nied by many hard­ships and losses — how can cou­ples get th­rough this time tog­e­ther? What tips do you have for cou­ples on the way to ha­ving children?

“It’s not bad if it doesn’t work out “to go”. Ra­ther, part­ners should see it as an op­por­tu­nity to im­prove their per­sonal en­ergy and body he­alth in order to con­ceive and give birth to a he­althy child. In TCM, as men­tioned be­fore, it is ab­so­lutely common for cou­ples to re­ally prepare them­selves for up to two years in order to have a child in the best pos­sible con­di­tion.

“The “pres­sure to per­form”, just like at work, and to achieve your goal, in this case a pregnancy wi­thin one to three months, can be con­fi­dently tossed aside for once. Ra­ther, it is an ad­van­tage that dis­ba­lances in the body and psyche are un­veiled. I be­lieve that this aspect should be che­rished more.

To re­co­g­nise one’s own life and that of the un­born child as a mi­racle, in ad­di­tion to all the know­ledge of how con­cep­tion, pregnancy, birth and life “func­tion” ma­te­ri­ally, is an aspect that is so often for­gotten and that should be brought back to our at­ten­tion. Shame, fears of failure and fee­ling wort­hless or in­ca­pable are real en­ergy rob­bers and I al­ways find it great when people show them­selves with exactly this vul­nerabi­lity — this can streng­then a part­ner­ship, but also a so­ciety enorm­ously!”

About Dr. Nina Roy:

The very li­keable doctor has gathered over 20 years of pro­fes­sional ex­pe­ri­ence in the field of or­thodox me­di­cine, TCM, wes­tern na­tural he­aling me­thods and ho­li­stic phi­lo­sophy. In ad­di­tion to working in her Düs­sel­dorf prac­tice, Dr Nina Roy also of­fers on­line con­sul­ta­tions. Her book “TCM Your Life” has been pu­blished by Knaur.

More on her web­site or on In­sta­gram.

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